Click Twist Brush Metallic Silver

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add color and dazzling shine to your baked creations with this Renshaw Rainbow Dust 0.88 oz. silver click-twist metallic food paint brush! This brush contains professional grade food paint that is ready to use and 100% food safe. Its dazzling silver color will add decorative drama that's sure to catch your patrons' eyes! This product is perfect for adding decadent decoration to rolled fondant, cookies, royal icing, marzipan, chocolate, and a host of other confectionery creations.

This click-twist brush could not be easier to use! Simply twist the end until the brush fills with paint, and then use it to create your detailed designs. If the brush runs out of paint, simply twist it again. This handy product lets you focus on your designs instead of on tricky-to-handle paints so your imagination is free to run wild!