PYO Edible Palettes Halloween

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These PYO Palettes fit our TMP PYO cookie cutter.  Get 18 palettes on the sheet.  You can cut apart to fit the cutter!  Easy to use and look professional!  Best part, they are EDIBLE and printed when you order to ensure freshness!

Our Easter/Everyday Palettes come with 4 colors:  Orange, Black, Purple and Green!  Great for so many PYO (Paint Your Own) designs.   Sheet is approximately 10.5"x8", each palette of 4 colors is approximately 3 3/8" x  0.87"

See our YouTube video for how to use! 

Cookie made by Sheer Celebrations, Stencil, cookie, cutter, and tools sold separately.

Store in a dry, cool place.  Do not leave on the oven when baking.  Attach in wet flood or on dried flood with piping gel!