What's a Silk Screen Cookie Stencil? Saturday 10/5/19 4p-530p

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What is all this we are hearing about 'Silk Screen Stencils'....for Cookies?!  We didn't know either, but we did some research for you!  This is NOT a typical class.  Join us for some fun time as explore the world of silkscreens vs stencils together!  Set of 3 silkscreen stencils will be given to each person who enrolls. 

Please bring pre-iced or plain ready to stencil cookies, and a small container of stiff consistency icing.  No time to bake? Purchase a Notta Cookie or 2 to play with during this session!

We will discuss the difference between a stencil and a silk screen, including the look, the process of making and the use of both.  We will work together as we all learn more about these new 'stencils'.


Adults only.  This class occurs after hours and there will be no area for non enrolled people to wait in store.  Thank you.

All sales for this event/class are final. No refunds, no exchanges, no rain checks. 

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